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Yoga Keeps Employee Wellbeing High

There is tremendous value in keeping your employees happy and healthy.


At Unwind Workplace we use our extensive workplace experience and knowledge with micro, small and large organisations to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of the people that work for you, not only keeping your employees' wellbeing high, but also saving your business money:

  • CIPD reports 79% of respondents of their 2022 Health & Wellbeing at Work survey report some stress-related absence in their organisation over the last year, this figure rises to 90% of large organisations (>250 employees)

  • Data from Vitality reveals that the UK economy lost almost £92 billion in 2019  (£91.9 billion) as a result of ill-health related absence and presenteeism in the workplace

  • The survey also shows the vast majority (75%) of those who do engage in health and wellbeing initiatives report a positive impact on their overall health

Our own research (click here to read research summary) based on scientific studies reveals:

  • Yoga increases your employees' motivation, productivity and creativity

  • Yoga helps team relationships and conflict resolution

  • Yoga helps people to be engaged employees

  • Yoga makes your employees happier and happy employees are more productive and engaged

  • Yoga can make you a better leader


How does it work?

We work with you to design inspiring yoga & wellbeing programmes, so they fit in with your bigger wellbeing strategy & truly take root. 

We help you create an internal marketing campaign to check & maintain support for the programme.

We create weekly classes for your organisation that align with your culture and goal.


Through ongoing support, we deepen connections within your team and evolve your company’s curriculum to keep it relevant and engaging.


  • Yoga & Wellbeing Programmes, "off-the-shelf", or customised

  • Yoga for Leaders

  • Workshops, Lunch & Learns

  • Event & Conference Yoga

  • Retreats, Incentives, Team Building

  • Consulting: How to integrate a yoga programme within your existing wellbeing policy 

  • Consulting: How to set-up and start a yoga programme at your organisation

We can come to you: we offer regular yoga classes or one off events at your workplace

  • Groups of up to 30 participants, semi-private (2-3 participants) or 1:1s

  • Please enquire for larger groups and consulting services

You come to us: we arrange for you to take our regular studio classes in Cookham, Maidenhead

  • Groups of up to 12 participants, semi-private (2-3 participants) or 1:1s

Live online is also an option, and we create on-demand courses for our clients, too.

Programme Options:

  • One-time

  • 6 week-blocks

  • Ongoing

Class Duration:

  • 30 - 55 minutes

Pricing Options:

  • Employer-sponsored: employer pays 100%

  • Co-pay: employer and individual employees split the cost

  • Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their classes

Prices for workplace yoga start from £50/group class for up to 30 participants, and from £120 for one-off events.

Our yoga styles range from gentle and meditative to active. Together we will determine the most appropriate style for your organisation.

  • On-site classes, active or no sweat

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Desk-side yoga

  • Stress management

  • Headache & back pain relief

  • Meditation & breathing

  • Leader retreats

  • Employee incentives

  • Many other options

"The potential economic return on investment (ROI) for a UK business that invests in workplace health initiatives is £4.17 for every £1 spent." - British Heart Foundation

"Employers must re-envision employee well-being as a powerful tool for business success." - Jim Purcell, CEO Returns on Wellbeing Institute

"The team loved the session and everyone felt refreshed, yet relaxed. We are looking forward to repeat the exercises from now on!" Diana Diefenbach, Head of Retail, Samsung Electronics


Are you an employee and would like your organisation to offer yoga? We can help you talk to your manager. Contact us now.