What is Unwind Yoga Studio? 

We make you feel better beyond your wildest dreams⁠.


With us you move more, live healthier, get to know your one precious, amazing body and mind. Make them a priority! Give them the attention they deserve and get unbelievable health results.

You have one body, and one mind. Take care of both with yoga at Unwind.

Our area of expertise is a body and mind that have experience.


Once you hit the 40s, chances are your body has been through a fair bit of activity, it may be going creaky and stiff.


You have borne children, or had injuries, accidents, been ill. ⁠ ⁠


Your mind is stressed to the point of burn out, has dealt with grief, life's ups and downs and it has taken you to edges of despair that you never want to get too close to. ⁠ ⁠


Unwind teachers have been there. We know. We feel. We do yoga, because it saves us. Our bodies. Our minds.⁠ ⁠


Our students are like you, they come to Unwind to feel well. Strong, flexible, fit, calm, healthy. Well!⁠ ⁠


We teach yoga that helps you do more than just HOPE for a stronger, more flexible body and calmer mind.⁠

You can be pain-free, strong & calm.

Here's how our current students feel about us: Student Testimonials.

Our studio is located in Cookham, Berkshire with lots of free parking bays in front. 

We have plenty of space between mats in our bright, warm studio. We are COVID secure, and use fresh air vents - all to help you feel safe whilst practicing yoga & meditation.

Questions? Email us: info@unwindyogastudio.com