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What is Unwind Yoga Studio?

Everyday life keeps you so busy that even when the weekend comes around you are still in hustle mode and hardly get any rest.

That's why at Unwind we have chosen to teach many rest-inspired classes, for you to relax and feel good.

In the gently flowing sequences of our slow flow and mellow yoga classes, in the long holds of a yin practice, or in the rejuvenating rhythmic experience of our flow classes, we consciously help you to shift down a gear and pause a little in the fast pace of life.

It's time to give yourself permission to slow down. 

At Unwind we want you to feel good when celebrating deceleration and practise sinking completely into yourself in a pose. In deep breaths, let go of all tension and give your body loving appreciation and gratitude.

With gentle stretches for the lower, middle and upper back, your shoulders, for the hips and backs of the legs, and the sides of your body, you find restful balance and allow your body and mind to regenerate and recharge.

Unwind Yoga Studio Restore.png

Try this at home: During class you will often hear me say something like: "Gently bring the shoulders towards the ears with a slow inhale, breathing in awareness into the body. With the exhale, softly roll the shoulders back and down as you lengthen the crown of the head towards the sky and the tailbone towards the earth." - This little breathing reminder sets the tone for my classes, grounding before we move, stillness, softness, awareness in the body to tell the brain it is okay to restore for a while. 

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