Who are we? Why are we here?

The amount of stress we are all under day in and day out is bigger than ever. The WHO has called stress the health epidemic of the 21st century with burnout, anxiety and depression on the rise. 


More and more of us are embracing a more expansive and holistic view of our wellbeing, including good health, self-care, and pleasure. As a holistic path for feeling good in body, mind and spirit, Yoga is a well known way to foster the dimensions of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social.


Unwind Yoga Studio offers wellbeing components that for people that have had enough of feeling aches and pains and who are mentally drained, burnt-out and in need of a remedy. In a studio specifically designed to generate calm for all the senses, we enable students to learn the lifelong skills of movement, relaxation, rejuvenation and find moments of calm in this crazy world.


When the dimensions of our wellbeing are in balance and with strong and connected foundations, we have much greater capacity to flourish and grow and endure life’s challenges and stressors with ease.


Join us to find movement, calm, to rejuvenate your body and mind, switch off and unwind on and off the mat. 

Much love,

Sandra x

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