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Yin Yang | Revive

Some days we just need an opportunity to relax our mind, renew our body and revive our soul.

Our Yin Yang Revive Class focuses on getting your chi flowing by targeting the meridians around your body during the Yin part of the class, and energising you through a gentle flow during the Yang part of the class, which is then rounded off with a delicious savasana!

True body, mind and soul food 💜

Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward.

Yin Yang Yoga blends these two styles of yoga into one practice, bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses to strengthen the connective tissues, joints and bones with a more dynamic flow of sequences and standing postures, strengthening your muscles.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain.

While you rest comfortably on your back in savasana, your teacher uses guided meditation to take you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wellbeing.

Yoga Nidra is an accessible meditation practice that focuses on cultivating multiple levels of wellbeing. Practiced with consistency and awareness, you may discover a good amount of peace in a short period of time.

We 💛💛 Yoga Nidra, because:

👍 Anyone can do it!
Anyone at any age can benefit from Yoga Nidra, and even if you have trouble lying down, you can practice in a seated position.

👍 You can't get it wrong!
There is no wrong in Yoga Nidra, instead there may be profound experiences. We have had students walk out of a Yoga Nidra class feeling like they were walking on clouds and then experience the best night sleep in a long time. All you have to do is follow your teacher's voice, taking you deeper, and deeper, and deeper through your states of consciousness ☺️

👍 It reduces stress!
Recent studies have shown that Yoga Nidra shows promising trends in improvements in depression symptoms and pain perception. That's great news - even when you are not in the studio, coming back to a body scan and breath awareness alone can calm the nervous system and relief momentary pain.

👍👍 We love Yoga Nidra as it cultivates multiple levels of wellbeing, and that's what Unwind Yoga Studio is all about!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a highly beneficial practice of long-held passive poses and offers a unique opportunity to ease and release deeply held tension in the connective tissues of your physical body but also to cultivate peacefulness in the heart and mind and to unleash stagnant, blocked energy in your meridians, or energy channels.

The concept of the meridians goes back to the cornerstone of Yin yoga, Daoist philosophy, and the meridian system anchored in traditional Chinese medicine: through Yin yoga you balance the energy system and increase your overall sense of vitality.

With stillness and surrender as objectives you learn to quieten the mind chatter, activate the parasympathetic nervous system to calm you down: a lower heart rate & steady breathing help you relax. The long held yin poses are a mini meditation each time - but without the sitting position that many beginners of meditation find so hard.

Yin yoga is an important part of an exercise regime for the ageing body and will help slow down the ageing process, targeting the lower back, hips and pelvic areas of your body, it brings more mobility to an area that gets notoriously stiff and painful as we get older.

Yin Yang | Strength

Our Yin Yang Strength Class focuses on strengthening connective tissues during the Yin part of the class and strong muscles during the Yang part of the class. Expect strength building movement and body sculpting! Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice, bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses to strengthen the connective tissues with a more dynamic flow of sequences and standing postures. Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is the use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health. Thus, it is not just an adjunct to the well-known practice of active asana (poses). Restorative yoga is a practice in and of itself for people of all ages, at all levels of yoga experience, and in all states of health.” (Judith Hanson Lasater)

Restorative Yoga is one of the great gifts of yoga and helps you to:
💮 Relearn the art of relaxation
💮 Develop the skills to self-soothe
💮 Enhance your healing capacity
💮 Regulate your stress response
💮 Re-balance your nervous system.

It's slow. It's gentle. It's still. It's restorative.

We currently offer Restorative only as (semi-) private sessions due to the use of many props and subsequent sanitising procedures.


Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional wellbeing and your overall health. These benefits don't end when your meditation session ends: meditation can carry you more calmly through your day and may even help you manage symptoms of certain medical conditions.

So how does it work? During meditation, the part of the brain that is the gatekeeper for all your senses, focuses your attention and slows down other incoming information to a trickle.

This focus then reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increases peace, perception, self-concept, and your overall feeling of wellbeing.
Learning to meditate means learning the practice of reaching ultimate consciousness and concentration, to acknowledge the mind and, in a way, self-regulate it.

At Unwind we teach Zen Meditation, a traditional Buddhist discipline which can be practiced by new and seasoned meditators alike. Zen meditation involves observing and letting go of the thoughts and feelings that arise, as well as developing insight into the nature of body and mind.

Yoga for a Healthy Back

The Yoga for a Healthy Back class is for anyone with 💥 back issues💥, such as

👉 General pain and strain,
👉 Herniation or disc bulges,
👉 Hyperkyphosis or lordosis,
👉 Arthritis,
👉 Sacroiliac-joint problems,
👉 Spondylolisthesis

Also suitable for students who want to prevent future problems or flare-ups. This is a class appropriate for any level, particularly suitable for beginners as poses are relatively simple (yet highly effective)!

Each class has elements of meditation, intentional relaxation and of course asanas (postures).

This style of yoga is proven to relieve back pain effectively and lastingly with consistent practice (in some countries like Germany, this type of yoga is known to be so effective that the health insurance covers the cost - we aren't quite there yet in this country, but you never know what the future holds!).

Yoga for a Healthy Heart

We are so fortunate to be able to offer this class with one of the first internationally trained Yoga for Cardiac Conditions and Rehabilitation teachers based right here in Maidenhead, Fizz.

With a focus on supporting students with carefully chosen movement, breathing, meditation, deep relaxation, heart-brain coherence through teaching a heart-friendly yoga practice. Yoga has the potential to modify major risk factors that contribute to the worsening or development of chronic cardiac conditions.
This class is suitable for beginners, cardiac patients and people that are looking to keep their heart fit and healthy.

Slow Flow

Ahhh - Slow Flow!

A sweet mindful vinyasa class for students looking to move slowly from one pose to the next.

Carefully sequenced to spread breath throughout the body, the slower pace of our slow flow classes allow you to find space between poses, become deeply aware of your body, its posture, its proprioception (the sense of your body's position in the room, on the mat, in your space, which is an important element of your balance), to build strength, flexibility and stability.

Slow Flow is a wonderful way to build energy in the body or unwind from the day.

All levels of students can find their personal challenge in this class as they slowly and mindfully move through a sequence.

The pace may be slower, but challenges will be given with difficulties to work through for more advanced students!

Dynamic Flow

A more vigorous style of free-flowing yoga which gives you plenty of opportunity for personal expression and movement patterns within the flowing sequence, coordinating your breath with fluid movement. Rhythmic sun salutes, creative sequencing and the progressive linking of poses and series keep this class energetic and fun-filled from start to finish. The Dynamic Flow can be customised to all levels of students, and can really get your heart pumping and your muscles warm, which aligns closely with most everyone’s traditional expectation of exercise. It’s a great workout, it’s typically not overly spiritual, and you see benefits in your body right away.

Non Scary Yoga for Total Beginners

One of our most popular classes on the weekly schedule, the Non Scary Yoga for Total Beginners is the class for you if...well...yoga seems a little scary to you.

This is the class I wish existed when I started out.

Bringing you the tools necessary to build a lifetime habit this class is the perfect foundation on which to build your practice.

Geared toward total beginners, this class is also suitable for students who would like to reacquaint themselves with yoga fundamentals.

Build flexibility, body & mind awareness and strength whilst deepening the relationship with your authentic self.

NSYFTB is fun, bubbly and not scary at all!

PS: We now also have a Non Scary Yoga for Improvers on the schedule, the next step for those that want to keep enjoying Juliette’s energy but are ready to step it up a bit!


We believe in the transformative power of yoga. We believe that each student brings their own story, history, and experiences to the mat. Their own unique body. 


This is why we approach each student with wonder and reverence. 


Our job at Unwind Yoga Studio is to make each student feel safe, well cared for and personally tended to.


Our fundamental mission is to help our students to better understand their body and mind and begin healing their pain, build physical, mental and emotional strength and resilience, and learn to accept themselves entirely.

We serve up something very different from the highly saturated boutique yoga and fitness market.  We specialise in slower yoga styles, yoga for health conditions, yoga for beginners and meditation, and our teachers are experts at it. We give each student personal attention and make everyone feel seen and supported.

We love what we do!

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