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Wellbeing Yoga & Meditation for Menopause

6 Week Programme

** LIVE or ONLINE **

The menopausal transition does not have to be as bad as you may fear.


Having a positive view on the menopause, understanding what it is and how it can affect us as well as having an arsenal of gentle and natural remedies for this time of change can make a difference to your experience.

Here is what you are going to receive: 

  • 6 sessions of Wellbeing Yoga & Meditation, including Yin & Restorative yoga designed to relief symptoms, Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing - a mini retreat each week!

  • Weekly expert speakers & therapists sharing tips and natural and complementary self-care tools equipping you with a highly valuable toolset for improving symptoms in all stages of the menopause.

  • Access to our new "Nutritional Support for Perimenopause & Menopause" ebook.

  • Take home Yoga & Meditation sequence sheets.

  • An Unwind Journal to use for journaling & note taking during the sessions and at home*.

  • A warming latte with healing plant extracts during nutrition week and an uplifting hot tea during other weeks*.

  • Sisterhood, connection and shared humanity - a group of women who FINALLY understand how difficult it is to live with the symptoms of menopause and who are committed to taking action instead of just drowning in the depths of it.

* only for in-studio participants

Our Experts

  • Izzy Walton, Nutritionist & Health Coach talks about nutrition for menopause covering gut health, clean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates & fibre and supplements & herbs and more.

  • Aromatherapist Ffion Sprigings will give practical examples of how aromatherapy oils can be applied to help ease menopause symptoms. 

  • Emily Wright, a Well Woman Yoga Therapist and expert in female cycles and menopausal stages will help you understand how yoga can support female wellbeing and give helpful tips to understand more about what is happening during the menopausal stages.

  • Evelyn Murphy, a Positive Psychology Practitioner who has just completed her Master in Positive Psychology with distinction on the topic of Flourishing in Midlife Women will enlighten you on how improving your psychological wellbeing can change your experience of the menopause.

  • Dr Rosanna Mundy, a Complementary Therapist and Reflexologist will join us to introduce Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient and highly effective acupressure method known to help restore balance right from when perimenopausal symptoms start. Dr Mundy will also answer questions on HRT.

  • Yoga teacher, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Founder & Owner of Unwind Yoga Studio, Sandra Vollrath, will bring you a mini yoga retreat every week with gentle and restorative Yoga & Meditation practices to soothe symptoms and restore your body and mind.

Here is how it works:

When you enroll in the 6 Week Menopause Programme you will get a welcome email from us with more details. 

The programme starts officially on 24.10.2020 at 2:30 pm and runs every Saturday for six weeks at our lovely studio in Cookham. Length of each session is 2.5 hours. If you are attending via ZOOM, a link will be emailed to you beforehand, together with what you need for the session.


The agenda may change slightly depending on the expert that is joining us for the day, but will include a Welcome, Yoga Nidra session, Break for a (hot) Drink, Expert Speaker and Q&A, Journaling, Yoga for Menopause, Relaxation, Meditation and Goodbye.

Each week you will learn a new tool that can help you tackle symptoms of the menopause.

There will be opportunities to talk, share, ask questions, learn, breathe, move, relax and restore - whether you attend live or online!

Cost & Booking

We are so excited to run this programme for the first time! It has been uniquely designed and put together by Unwind Yoga Studio and we are running a special programme launch deal - and if you are willing to learn these powerful and natural tools to deal with symptoms of the menopause you will want to take part!

Between the experts' practical advice and Q&A sessions, the Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation practices, the Hormone Health eBook and Extras, this programme has a value of over £500 - but the truth is that you can't buy it anywhere as it's been uniquely designed and adapted for Unwind Yoga Studio. 

We are offering the programme to you for just £199* if you pay in full, or £110 per month if you choose the payment plan (2x payments)* - and we have a special VIP option if you want to add 2 private yoga & meditation sessions (normally £90 each) you can do so for a total of only £297*.


Whichever option you choose, you KNOW you're doing the right thing for your body and mind as you enter and go through menopause.

We cannot wait to work with you!

Sandra & The Unwind Yoga Team

*Members get up to 15% off!

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