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Unwind Yoga Studio is a yoga sanctuary with a warm, supportive community, and we are always growing. If you are looking for a yoga studio, we would LOVE to have you. We are offering new students 2 weeks of Wellbeing Yoga & Meditation for just £39, find out how to get this offer!

We specialise in slower yoga styles such as Yin, Nidra, Restorative and QiGong, and yoga for health conditions, such as low back issues. We run a hugely popular Non-Scary Yoga for Total Beginners class, as well as delicious slow flows, and warming dynamic flows taught by teachers that are passionate about their work and simply excellent at what they do!


If you want to get rid of niggling body pains, become more flexible and less stressed, come and do yoga with us.

We cannot wait to practice with you! To find out more, start here.

Sandra & The Unwind Yoga Team

PS: Not ready to come not the studio yet? You can now enjoy our yoga from your home, or office through our Unwind Online Studio

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