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Everything You Need To Know About 1:1 Yoga - A Guide

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

1:1 yoga is booming, and for good reason. After the pandemic, people are still not ready to join groups in confined spaces, or their schedules have changed and don't align with studio schedules anymore. And many are simply after a more personalised experience.

Why should you try a private yoga class? What is a 1:1 yoga class like? What are your options for taking a 1:1 class? And why are 1:1 classes so expensive? What is a private yoga membership? How can you find a 1:1 class?

Find out all the answers in my "Everything You Need To Know About 1:1 Yoga" Guide!

Only for the wealthy?

If you believe that personal yoga classes are only for the wealthy, celebrities, or fitness fanatics, let's try and reframe, because it is time to re-think this belief.

Our current private members have a variety of backgrounds. We have private members join us 4 times a week, some once a week, some are part of a 2-3 semi-private group.

What kind of people take 1:1 classes?

People like you and me. Any gender, any level of fitness, and across all ages. What our private clients have in common is an incredibly busy life. Our studio schedule does not work for them as their schedule is different every week.

1:1 clients look for yoga classes fine-tuned to their needs: Some of our clients are after a more physical practise that is mixed up with Pilates, core and strength work. Some have highly pressured jobs, they crave the hours they get in the studio to move gently, then restore in a sensitive yoga therapy session. One has experienced recent trauma and needs grief and trauma informed guidance, care and gently healing yoga to get back on their feet. We have a couple of private pregnant mummies that are fitting the sessions into their busy work schedules. And some come as a small group of friends to move, and meditate.

All have different reasons for choosing 1:1 sessions over group class ones.

What is a 1:1 class like?

A 1:1 yoga class can be designed any way you wish. To start we will ask for a focus area: do you want to de-stress, heal, work on a specific physical problem (weak wrists, stiff hips, an injury or surgery recovery, have an active recovery day, etc), or mental need (de-stress, lift brain fog etc.). For your class you come to the studio, equipped with all the props you can hope for. Your teacher prepares your space and you spend a few minutes chatting, grounding, practicing with intensive 1:1 attention, hands-on adjustments, improving, slowing down, restoring, then resting in savasana, sometimes guided or with adjustments. After another chat, and maybe a cleansing tea, you leave refreshed, relaxed, or energised.

In our private classes, you only push yourself instead of comparing yourself to others around you. If you know you are competitive, a 1:1 may be nice so you can switch off and leave the performance driven need to be "as good or better" behind. This is much better for preventing injury.

Your teacher works with you and your unique body to help you stretch your limits because their eyes will be on you alone.

What are your options for taking a 1:1 class?

You can book a one off, a series or a membership. We offer 1:1s or semi-private classes of 2 or 3 students.

1:1 classes are expensive, but incredible value for money!

At Unwind, a small group of teachers lead our private classes. They provide highly customised classes, depending on the student's needs that week. Class planning and prepping is intense, and on point.

All our private teachers are senior teachers with thousands of hours of training, and thousands of hours of teaching - they know their sh**.

As yoga teachers we study the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Some of us have trauma informed training, some are pre-natal teachers, some have psychology and mental health training. We learn the ancient history and philosophies of Indian yoga tradition, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts of the Yin lineage. We study how breath, meditation and movement transform body and mind, and open the soul to a spiritual path for those looking for one. We study and train for a long time, before we step in front of students, and we train several times a year through continued education to stay up-to-date.

Private clients tell me that a 1:1 yoga class is like therapy, personal training and a spa visit rolled into one.