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What Happens To Your Body When You Do Yoga?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

You have a pretty good idea that yoga is great for your body and mind. You hear the anecdotes, you read and see on social media that yoga has this incredible power of making you strong AND Zen at the same time.

But, before you take the plunge onto the mat the first time, you wonder: how long will it take to see changes? When will I feel strong and Zen? Why should I stick with yoga?

Experts agree that you can reap the benefits of yoga as soon as your first class!

After One Class

After your first class you may experience any number of sensations. Surprise at how good it felt. The "oohhh, now I really know what needs stretching" sensation. Happiness that it's over. Exhaustion. After my very first yoga class I fell asleep under my desk for an hour, haha, good thing I worked from home at the time! The next day, you will feel your muscles ache - but also you will feel a sensation of great achievement, happiness, strength. It's very unique, and the reason most first time yogis come back for more.

After One Month

You have attended one class per week for a month. You feel a sense of openness throughout your body, a lightness in your mind. You start to look forward to tackling some challenges, like tree pose. You sleep better, your lower back and shoulders are a lot less achy. You pay attention to your breath, how you move, how you speak and react to others. You know your body & mind better, you listen to the messages they are sending you. Your emotions settle.

After Three Months

With three months of regular yoga under your belt, you begin to explore different yoga styles, and how different styles affect your body and mind. You take yoga off the mat more, let the philosophy and teachings filter into your life. The changes are positive and make you feel happy, you miss the yoga high on the days that you are not practicing. Your body begins to look leaner, stronger, your core, arms and legs are toning up. You sleep better than ever and your confidence increases every time you practice.

After A Year

A year of regular yoga changes your life. You are in the best shape of a decade, or two. You feel vibrant and younger than your years. You are strong, lean and toned, without pains. Your body clock ticks backwards. You always sleep well. You deal with everyday challenges with ease. You simply breathe through stressful situations. You change how you eat, you practise non-harming in every sense of the word: you are eco-conscious, you love nature, you are kind to others. Nothing can touch your mental, emotional and physical strength. You are confident and your sex life is satisfying.

A Lifetime Of Yoga

You are stronger than most people your age, you have amazing joint mobility, and your metabolism is healthy. You face illnesses and injuries with much more ease than your peers. You roll around on the floor with your grandchildren, run with the dogs, are active every day and can eat and drink pretty much anything you want. Your doctor tells you that you are one of a kind. In your yoga practice you find intention and presence. Your life is meaningful.

The only thing you have to do now is: take that first class!

At Unwind Yoga Studio we teach yoga that is good for your body. Your skeleton, tissues, physiology, temperament and motivation is made and organised in a unique way that is yours only and not repeated anywhere else in the Universe. We teach yoga that honours that.


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