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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I have practiced Yoga for many years, almost exclusively as a physical practice. Only relatively recently did I discover that Yoga truly is so much more, and that this "so much more" resonated with me as it had a big impact on my overall well-being, physical, mental and even spiritual - part of the reason for developing the concept for the Unwind Yoga Studio.

Yoga & Holistic Well-being

For the Yoga newbies amongst you: Yoga is based on complex traditional origins and philosophy, and I have been reading and studying texts, interpretations and commentaries on them, only to merely scratch the surface of what Yoga can truly do for us. Whilst studying Positive Psychology, I came across the relationship between Yoga and psychological well-being. The ancient teachings say that our goal in life is self-realisation, finding meaning and purpose (or in Aristotle's words, the realisation of one's true potential). All of these ancient teachings aim for lasting happiness and eternal peace. There is scientific evidence that "meaning in life" is related to psychological well-being (i.e. happiness and life satisfaction). So if Yoga can help us find "meaning", it will help us improve our psychological well-being, it will make us happier and improve our overall life satisfaction.

Through flooding our blood with oxygen and making us more flexible, keeping bones healthy and joints mobile, Yoga postures and breathing assist us in becoming physically healthier. This alone, however, cannot lead us to glorious enlightenment that will make us feel better holistically, that will help us self-realise, find that we need to move from merely feeling good to doing good and being good, find purpose and meaning.

This is what we do - Join us!

Unwind Yoga Studio in Cookham, Maidenhead aims to provide a space where you can do Yoga to help heal and purify your physical body. And then, when you are ready, we will assist you in looking after your mind, too. We will learn to observe how we feel, contemplate what lies within us, this world - and beyond. We are more than our physical bodies, Yoga can help us discover our Self (and in spiritual Yoga this is Brahman, Consciousness, Spirit, Atman, God), and during this journey we will find ways to unwind, relax, de-stress - let our souls sway in blissful moments of calm.

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