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Why am I so passionate about wellbeing? It helps dodging life's curveballs!

I have gone through hard times in my life, and I often get asked, how did I make it through, and how am I still happy?⁠

The goal of most people is simply to be happy, so coming through trauma and regain happiness is an important skill to have. ⁠

I believe that feeling and being well makes us happy, therefore, looking after our wellbeing is key. ⁠

Feeling well means not being in pain, in our bodies (no hurting bones, joints, muscles, no head- or bellyaches), or in our minds (no low feeling). ⁠

To feel happy, some seek escape and release in potentially harmful pastimes (recreational cannabis use, for instance, has risen by 60% in the last decade), and some get the happy feelings from things like exercising.⁠

Yoga & meditation can play a HUGE part in our wellbeing

What is the effect of yoga on mood, anxiety & the brain? ⁠

Science tells us that doing yoga has shown greater improvement in mood and greater decreases in anxiety levels than even walking. ⁠

Similarly, meditation is an effective treatment for anxiety, and it does not cause any side effects. It may also function as a preventative for anxiety disorders.⁠

Another study shows that yoga reverses markers of ageing - who wouldn't get a high out of that fact!⁠

There is such a thing as a YOGA HIGH. It is what keeps us yogi(ni)s coming back. ⁠

It's that heady feeling of excitement, like a teenager before going to a party. You feel your body, mind and soul align as soon as you take that first releasing breath. It's highly addictive - without the horrible morning after feeling, or side effects!⁠

To be well, we need movement & stillness DAILY. We need to feel well, in body, mind and soul. ⁠

A strong YOU is a really, really good way to be when life throws you a curveball. A strong YOU will get through trauma, and come out smiling. I did. I survived - with a smile on my face. ⁠

And that's why wellbeing is my passion, and why I have made it my mission to bring wellbeing in the form of yoga, meditation and other wellbeing practices to you.


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