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Unwind's Unlimited Membership is going away on 3/5/2022

I am stopping the sale of new unlimited memberships (£119/month) on the 3rd of May, 2022. 

An Unlimited Membership Won't Just Save You Money - You'll Also Be In The Best Shape Of A Decade


The top reason our unlimited students are heading for their best decade yet? Because they show up for class many times per week...because they are making the most out of the £119 they spent per month :)

Studies show that an unlimited membership drives commitment, not just to the studio, but to yourself

A regular yoga practice has a profound impact on your body, mind and whole outlook on life:

What happens to you when you do regular yoga?

With an unlimited membership you come to class as many times a week as you want, and completely change your life:


  • Some of our unlimited members are single parents that cope better with daily life.

  • Some are athletes that see their performance improve in ways they didn't expect.

  • Some are retired and embrace the way yoga helps them enjoy post-work life pain-free. 

The unlimited membership saves you money, too: take 3 classes per week, and a class is just over £9. Take 4 classes, pay £6.86/class. Check our current schedule.

One class a week is better than none, two are amazing. Three or more? Life-changing. 

With all this said, due to the current economic climate, I am stopping the sale of new unlimited memberships on the 3rd of May, 2022*, and the last chance to buy is now:

Evie Seated side bend_edited.jpg

*After the 3rd of May, 2022, you will be able to buy class packs, and the following memberships: 5x or 8x or 12x classes per month and can top up your classes if needed. Explore your options here.

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