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The Unwind Yoga StudioTeam

We have the best team of teachers that all have one thing in common: an incredible passion for teaching Yoga and Meditation!


All our teachers are senior level teachers with at least 300 hours of training, plus additional training in their focus areas, they all have knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and they all have years of teaching experience.


Unwind teachers are heart-led healers and are following their soul's calling - this is a key component in being able to teach yoga that is transformative for your body, mind and soul, and enables you to learn yoga that you can practice on and off the mat.

More info about each teacher can be found with the classes they teach.

The Unwind Teaching Team:

Evie Costello

Juliette Lockwood

Jon Murphy

Vayia Nafees

Fizz Yasin

Sandra Vollrath

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