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Semi-Private Yoga

Why do I need a semi-private yoga session?

Semi-private yoga can be beneficial for all types of yoga students.  Whether you are a beginner, advanced or have therapeutics needs, you can go consciously deeper in feelings of wellbeing from spending intense time with your yoga teacher. 


These sessions allow teachers and students to build practice relationships while working on specific needs and co-creating a practice that addresses individual goals.


Semi-private yoga can be one of the best ways to begin, return to or advance your transformation with yoga. 

Semi-Private Yoga Session from £36*

£36 per person, per session with a 12 month contract. T&Cs apply.

Yoga and meditation help you to create a strong wellbeing foundation, move out of pain, feel calm and ultimately guide you to a healthier you!

Semi-private yoga is right for you to:

  • Learn correct postures without getting intimidated or feeling nervous by a group setting.

  • Deepen your practice and work towards specific goals (e.g. balance, stamina ).

  • Work on specific issues (i.e. tight hips, hamstrings, shoulders).

  • Develop a meditation or yoga practice that you can do at home.

  • Increase your mental focus.

  • Incorporate yoga in your weight-loss programme.

  • Increase your confidence, ask questions in a confidential environment and receive personalised guidance.


Semi-Private Yoga

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