Private Yoga

Learning and practicing yoga that is right for YOUR body is key to helping you get the most benefit out of your practice.

As a private client you will love how we tailor each class to be exactly what you need - a unique experience designed just for you & your wellbeing.


Private yoga is ideal for you if:


  • You are completely new to yoga or want to get back to movement.

  • Your schedule doesn’t work to studio times.

  • You like time away from others.

  • You want to practice yoga with or after an injury or illness, resolve pain in your body, and find ways to de-stress and calm the mind.

  • You want a highly customised yoga experience.

Coming to Unwind is your break from a busy life, it's your time for self-care so you can keep excelling at what you do best; a conscious decision to put the breaks on for a little while each week - and the results are tangible: a less achey body or creaky joints, more awareness of where and when you hold tension and how to release it, a calmer mind, even better focus and good sleep to name a few. 



"I love everything about it! I feel incredible. I just bought a 6 month private membership!"


"I've witnessed a deeper connection with my body, increased flexibility, and a better mood as a result."


"For the first time in months I slept without being woken by hip pain, thank you!"