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Non-scary Yoga

- for total beginners - 

Non-scary Yoga for Total Beginners: Practice the fundamentals of yoga. Suitable for total beginners, people who think they cannot do yoga, those returning after a break or those wanting a slow class to focus on the foundations of the practice. This class involves simpler poses and sequences that do not require a level of pre-existing strength and flexibility.

Teachers will ensure asanas (yoga poses) are being practiced as they should be and a range of alternative options will be offered for those who require it. Students will learn the basic building blocks of a good yoga practice. Take this class if you have never done yoga before.

Yin Yoga

Based on Taoist traditions and focused on passive postures targeting the body’s fascia, the deep connective tissue that attaches our body’s muscles and internal organs, Yin yoga results in profound balancing of your ‘inner’ strength and ‘outer’ flexibility. Poses can be held for up to 10 minutes with an aim to increase flexibility and encourage a feeling of deep physical and mental release. 

Restorative Yoga

A deeply relaxing practice which uses props to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters, and blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining.

Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha classes focus is on good posture technique, holding postures for a few breaths rather than a lot of ‘flow’ between poses, and breathing. Not as basic as the Yoga Foundations, and not as deep as maybe a Yin Yoga class, you will find this class focus on an intention, such as chest opening, or being comfortable, and the sequences of postures aligning with the intention. There may also be a few minutes of relaxing meditation, and – as in all our classes – time for a rejuvenating savasana at the end.

Our Flow Classes

We offer a variety of flow classes at different times of the day. 

Rise & Shine Flow

Energising, uplifting, get ready for the day. These may have a short optional meditation session afterwards.

Mindful Flow

Midmorning or lunchtime - these are great if you have already sat at your desk or need a gentle pick-me up without too much exertion. 

Evening Flow

After a day's work your body has gone rigid and your joints are screaming for some movement. Our evening class is invigorating, yet grounding and can be followed with the lush Yoga Nidra class for an ideal Yoga package before bedtime.

Yoga & Chanting

Reaching Me in Me - this is a real treat for those of you that are looking for a class with several yogic elements, including chanting: Our breath is the breath of life. Our voice is our song. You will be using both to tune the body into its natural harmonious state.  You will explore mudras (hand movements), mantra (sound vibration/chanting) and pranayama (movement of breath) to discover the beauty and truth on the mind and body of these powerful transforming modalities.


Join your teacher on a journey to reach the inner voice, and the life force within. 

Zen Yoga & Zen Meditation

Zen practice in general, and Zen Yoga in particular, emphasize three intertwined areas – physical alignment, the flow of energy in the body and awareness or mindfulness (Japanese “nen” 念). Zen yoga refers to a variety of physical and energetic practices that can be found within the Zen Buddhist tradition, and increasingly taught in the West. These exercises are designed to open and unblock the body in preparation for sitting meditation, develop a deeper awareness of the body, and as an opportunity to practice “becoming one” with what’s happening in the moment (expressed in Japanese through the terms narikiru – become one – or ima-koko – now-here).


We offer classes in Zen Yoga and Zen Meditation - both feature mindful body & breath awareness through movement and meditation, opening energetic pathways throughout the body, leaving you both energised and relaxed.

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga

Many of us know that pregnancy yoga classes can be amazing: helping you adapt to the changes your body goes through when you are pregnant and helping you prepare for birth. Our teachers are pre/post-natal yoga certified to ensure your and your baby’s safety so you can relax during these sessions. Learn more about our very special Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

A word about: Savasana

All our classes will end with a rejuvenating Savasana that you may find is longer than in other studios (between 5-10 minutes). The reason for this is that we want to make sure that we allow time for your body to integrate what has been learned during the asana (posture) practice, your muscles are encouraged to relax, your nervous system is nourished and your mind calmed. Savasana helps to develop self-awareness, integrate mind, body and spirit, promote the experience of peace, tranquillity and a deep sense of well-being – and for this reason it will be a key part in all our classes!


This class is a delicious mix of a starting sequence of yin, moving into some yin strength work and finishing with more dynamic, breath linked work - and a well deserved relaxation at the end. You will leave invigorated and ready for the day and week ahead. 

Flow &Restore

The best of both! Enjoy a sequence of dynamic and fluid flow practice that will heat the body and build strength, endurance and flexibility, followed by a set of deeply restorative postures will help relax the muscles, tissues, organs and nervous system, encouraging a release of deeply held tension while replenishing energy. An energising and nourishing balance for body and mind, and a great lunch time work-out.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. While the practitioner rests comfortably in savasana (corpse pose), this systematic meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness.

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