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Yoga For The Over 70s & People With Limited Mobility

 There is much research about yoga being effective as a preventative measure for current and future mobility issues.


From fall prevention to gentle strengthening, and balance work, this weekly class is one of the best ways to increase mobility in your muscles and joints.


When: Wednesdays 11:00 AM

Cost: £3 per class, or £15 for 6 classes


Where: Unwind Yoga Studio, 11 Station Parade, Cookham

Accessible / step-free studio entrance

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We have had some lovely feedback from our attendees when we asked them in a recent survey: 

  • I feel much better and I am enjoying these sessions.

  • I am more aware of my body and I am moving better.

  • I feel revitalised!

  • Felt better after the second session. More alert physically and mentally.

  • I love the relaxed atmosphere and ability to work at own pace.

The classes are as much for your mobility as they are for socialising in a safe and kind, but fun circle of people in the same situation as you!


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