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  • You are fed up with how we are going through life right now.

  • You are exhausted, tired, stressed, mentally drained, physically in pain, unfit, spiritually empty - or all of the above!


  • You are open to learning new ways of looking after your wellbeing.

You are ready to feel fabulous, fit and dazzling with tons of energy for new projects in 2021!


Movement so you become flexible, strong & pain-free.

Breathwork, meditation & relaxation to face life's challenges calmly.

Nutritional advice so you feel energetic and vibrant.

Sleep advice for improved mood & concentration.

Forming Healthy Habits to put it all into action.


Swerve the post-Christmas depression, feel fabulous, fit, dazzling, full of energy and ready to take on this brand new year!


Our programmes get AMAZING feedback:

"Very worthwhile programme, fun, informative, great connections, transformational - I cannot wait for the next one!" 

"Another very worthwhile day at Unwind, informative and Rosanna helped me make sense of how I am feeling. The yoga with Sandra has left me relaxed and de-stressed. Can't wait for more!"

Info / Booking

3 x Yoga Classes* a week for 6 weeks

1 x Nutrition Workshop* on 07.01.2021

1 Meditation Workshop* on 15.01.2021

1 x Sleep Workshop* on 29.01.2021

1 x Wellbeing Habits Workshop* on 04.02.2021

1 Pranayama (Breathwork) Workshop* on 12.02.2021


2 x Massages** 

*suitable for beginners, group sessions, via ZOOM during Tier 4 lockdown
**massages to be booked as soon as COVID restrictions lift, choose from sports, deep tissue or aromatherapy massages 

Payment plans available:


Our programmes work, and here is why:


  1. We work with top experts in their field to deliver the workshops, teaching and learning to you - all you need to do is make time for yourself, commit, show up - and reap the results, as previous participants will attest!

  2. We keep you motivated and check in with you - after all, we know that accountability is key to achieving results.

  3. We make it easy for you: the January Transformation is a chance for you to look after your physical body, your mind and your soul in a single place. A complete, soup to nuts wellbeing package taking the stress out of booking with separate providers.

  4. We keep the numbers small. This means we can look after you and make sure you get what YOU need from the programme. It also means you bond with the other participants - connection has become so important during lockdown and we foster it in an intimate and caring way.

It will be a total pleasure and honour to help you come out of these crazy and uncertain times, and help you to reset yourself for a happy, healthy and successful 2021! We literally cannot wait.

Sandra & The Unwind Team

42 Days to Beating the January Blues &

Feeling Fab, Fit and Dazzling!

In 6 Weeks You Will:

Increase fitness

Decrease stress

Eat & sleep better

Form healthy habits

Why Do Our Programmes Work?

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