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Intro to Yoga




Curious? Not sure what the hype is all about? Have been told that yoga will be good for your aches, pains and flexibility? If you want to try yoga but don’t know where to begin, this workshop is for you!



During these easy-going and relaxed 2 hours you will learn about the equipment used in yoga, etiquette of a yoga class, simple yogic breathing, simple yoga poses, sun salutes, why the relaxation pose is important and how to enjoy it. Get an understanding of why a safe and supportive environment is so important for your yoga practice. Learn about the types of yoga available on our timetable and receive guidance as to which classes will be most suitable for you.

Yoga is not scary!

All of us teachers and students were the newbie in a class at some point in the past, and we remember that it can be intimidating - not knowing what to expect or do, what is the correct etiquette, wondering if you are the only one who is not flexible, not knowing why we talk about straps and blocks, which way to lay your mat (hint: There is no right or wrong way!). We all know how you feel, because we have all been there!

Everyone at  Unwind Yoga Studio is super friendly & welcoming and they’ll make you feel right at home, but that isn’t always enough to stop you feeling uncomfortable when you come for the first time. The Intro to Yoga  workshop is all about demystifying what goes on in a yoga studio and class so when you rock up to your first ever class you feel confident and that goes a long way to enjoying your first group class, and every other class after!


Sunday, 1/3/2020 - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Friday, 13/3/2020 - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Where: Unwind Yoga Studio, Cookham, Berkshire

Who: Sandra Vollrath, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Unwind Yoga Studio

How much: £15

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