Unwind Tips for your Yoga at Home Practice

A quiet space

Try and find a spot where it’s peaceful, quiet and not draughty, with as much space around and above you as possible (you don't want to bump into things). An empty piece of wall can be handy too since the wall is a great prop. It can be nice and help with quieting the mind if you have an aromatherapy candle or an incense stick, or even a beautiful aromatherapy room spray or a roller oil.

Yoga props

Truth is that you do not really need anything at all to practice yoga. Props, however, can make a real difference to your practice in terms of making it easier (or even possible) to get into poses, stay longer and be safer. Here are the most popular ones for beginners (and these are used by Juliette in her Non Scary Yoga Class regularly): Yoga Mat Preferably, you will have an eco-friendly non-slip yoga mat. There are hundreds of brands out there. We really recommend the Yogamatters Eco Yoga Mat. Our teachers love them as they are very grippy (which means you get good lift in poses and are super-safe, no slipping), recylable and durable. They are also not that expensive. A really worthwhile purchase! Blocks and Bricks A good block helps you achieve a more stable position, and it also provides better comfort and relaxation during the less challenging parts of your yoga workout, or to be used with a bolster to build an incline for Yin and Restorative Yoga. You can also use thick books! Bolster If you are taking part in Yin and Restorative Yoga or are looking to add deeply relaxing and restoring poses to your routine, a bolster is a MUST. We recommend the organic cotton, buckwheat bolster. We use these in the studio and they make a huge difference to your pratice. Also nice for savasana - just pop the bolster under your knees and sink into the mat! You can use a stack of towels, pillows, sofa cushions etc, too. Straps & Eye Pillows Straps (or yoga belts) are a very useful piece of equipment. You will use one for wrapping yourself up tightly to deepen the effect of some of the restorative stretches, or you will use it for certain stretches to make them a bit more challenging. Eye pillows are the perfect addition for a self-care yoga practice - pop one onto the eyes for savasana to deepen the relaxing effects. These are both cheap and wonderful additions to your practice! Blankets Blankets can be used rolled up to sit on, folded to add padding or to rest on during Restorative and Yin Yoga. Have a few blankets ready to be used, also for Savasana at the end!

Stay safe!

When you practice at home it is much more difficult for us to assess you. Therefore, you must make sure that your health and safety takes a priority. Listen to your body, don't push yourself. Speak to a health professional before doing any kind of exercise that you haven't done before, or if you are ill or injured.

What should I wear to Yoga?

Something comfortable. Yoga is generally practiced in bare feet but for Yin and Restorative we recommend layering up to stay warm. Also have a warmer layer for savasana (resting period at the end).

How do I prepare for practice?

It is best to not eat about an hour before a Yoga practice - all those twists and inversions could cause an issue :) Hydration before and after a class is important and will help with your feeling of wellbeing. We suggest avoiding heavy fragrances, deodorants etc. Be prepared to leave your mobile device switched off to allow for peaceful practice.

How often should I do Yoga?

Yoga is a very personal practice, so there is no right or wrong answer to this question. From experience and speaking to many, many yogis and yoginis, a regular practice several times a week has the greatest benefit on your physical body and your mental and emotional health. I personally find a mix of Hatha, Yin and Restorative ideal for me - I work on strengthening my body and increasing flexibility with Hatha, I work on the fascia and deeper layers of connective tissues as well as my body's meridians during Yin and I activate the parasympathetic nervous system for deep mental relaxation with Restorative. You can try these styles, or find your own combination.

How to do Yoga on Zoom

Follow these easy steps: https://www.unwindyogastudio.com/how-to-zoom