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Unwind Workplace

C-Suite Yoga

Why C-Suite Yoga?

The biggest de-railer of your executive leadership is not lack of IQ or intensity. It's the challenges you face in staying focused and healthy - and you know it!

To be equipped for the rapid-fire intensity of your executive life, you have to cultivate practices that allow you to regularly renew your mind, body, and spirit

Why Yoga?

The reason yoga is so ideal for C-suite executives is two-fold:

(a) Great for time-strapped executives, Yoga is highly effective in short doses. 

(b) Yoga renews your body and mind.

Yoga offers you the quiet space from which you can create your best work, and your best life.

​​​How Does C-Suite Yoga Work?
We work with you (or the person handling your diary) to design a flexible yoga practice that fits in with your schedule. When we say yoga, this includes movement, breathing and meditation.



- 5x 20 minute morning sessions of yoga daily

- 3x 45 minute yoga per week

- Session duration from 20 to 90 minutes

- Weekday or weekend

- In your office, your building, at home or our studio (or a mix of all)

- Via Zoom or in person

- 1:1 or with colleagues​

- Styles to suit your needs, from more meditative to active (or a mix)

- Many more options are possible

Next Step?

Fill in the form, and we will get you started!

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