The Unwind Team

We have been incredibly humbled by the reception of our little Yoga studio in the teaching community. From highly experienced to more recently qualified, we have a wide range of teachers with an eclectic mix of backgrounds. What they all have in common is an incredible passion for teaching Yoga or Meditation, their history and philosophy, as well as the incredible number of benefits both offer. All teachers have a solid teaching background and recognised qualifications, as well as first aid training - we do want to keep you all safe and comfortable! 

Teaching for Unwind Yoga Studio*

Lynette Greenaway

Siri Arti

Elly Held

Meli Paramio Lopez

Paola Merlassino

Marika Thomson

Vayia Nafees

Juliette Lockwood

Lindsay Willcocks

Laura Tolan

Mark Stenning

Jon Murphy

Evie Costello

Learn more about the teachers in the class schedule information, or get in touch with us!


*The list of teachers or classes is always subject to change. Classes will be added to the schedule over a period of time. 

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