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We are committed to our students, teachers and the local community that we are a part of. This means a commitment to the planet, using earth-friendly, renewable materials where possible throughout the studio, striving for a zero-waste business right from the start, and asking students and teachers to join us in that commitment.

We invite you to decompress from the outside world in our Unwind Room with complimentary infused water and herbal teas. As we do not have a dedicated changing room, this is also where you leave shoes and coats, as well as all your electronic devices (at your risk). There is an opportunity to buy organic yoga clothing and eco-friendly yoga equipment, such as mats, straps, eye pillows and mat cleaner.

We provide all equipment needed for yoga and meditation practice in the studio - no need to bring anything other than yourself!

Our commitment to a calm practice means we designed a studio for all the senses, particularly those that we use to perceive the outside world. As they tend to be on high alert, we want those senses to recede gently, to leave the "seek danger & survive" mode. Putting our minds into a quiet, yet attentive state will help for the effects of our yoga practice to arrive faster, for our bodies and minds to move deeper.

Our beautiful studio can be hired, click here for more information.

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