Teen and Child Yoga

More and more schools are offering yoga for their students, and the reasons are manifold: 

Improvements in self-regulation, mind-body awareness and physical fitness, which may foster additional SEL competencies and positive student outcomes such as improved behaviours, mental state, health and performance are some mentioned in a growing body of evidence. Locally, we may find some yoga in schools, but it is not part of a regular curriculum, or even taught or offered regularly and consistently. 

Unwind Yoga Studio is very fortunate to have Siri Arti, a local child and adolescent yoga educator, teach a teen yoga class for us. Both Siri Arti and I have great experience with teenage children through our own kids and through working with children for many years. I see the fallout from pressures of the modern teenage life on an almost daily basis, juggling their well-being for them to even master their days is challenging. Both, Siri Arti and I have a deep desire to not just offer teen yoga classes so we can have a class on the schedule for this age group, but to offer teen yoga classes to make a difference. To teach a life skill. To provide a local venue for teens to come and learn yoga and meditation so they can improve their wellbeing. And - a key one for me and a key one in the wake of recent events in the news, build resilience. We can teach our children to be kind, and it is a must, but we also need to teach them resilience. For when kindness isn't what they receive. 

If you have a teen aged 13 - 18 and are unsure if they could benefit from yoga, have a read of the following articles. 

University of Berkeley, California: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/seven_ways_that_yoga_is_good_for_schools

Journal of Children's Services: https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/JCS-10-2014-0044/full/html

The Telegraph: 

Speak to us confidentially about your teen's needs that could potentially be supported through learning yoga.


Teen Yoga will take place in small groups at Unwind Yoga Studio in the Station Parade in Cookham, Berkshire - Wednesdays from 4:45pm.

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