Welcome to Unwind - This is where your transformation begins....

You could be about to take the first step into what will become a life-changing journey!

Yoga & meditation have proven to be effective for:

  • Healthy bones, joints, muscles, heart and lungs, nervous system.

  • Better fitness, cardiovascular health, chronic pain, and injury recovery.

  • Dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety and depression.

Join us for 2 Weeks of joyful yoga and meditation with our

2 Week Yoga Jumpstart for just £39.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Other options to do yoga with us: 

- Private Sessions

- Workplace Wellbeing Yoga (links to our course library)

- Healthy Back Programme (links to our course library)

Imagine what you can do then you are stronger, more flexible and calm!

Much love,

Sandra x

PS: Find our what out students think of us! And if you are a complete beginner, we have a really popular class called "Non Scary Yoga for Total Beginners".


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*New students only.

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