Private Yoga



Learning and practicing yoga that is right for YOUR body is key to helping you get the most benefit out of your practice.

We love working with our private clients on their individual goals. Our favourite part is that we are able to tailor the practice to be exactly what they need in that moment - each practice is a unique experience designed just for them, and our students love their experience so much!

Our private students book with us, because:


  • They are completely new to yoga or want to get back to movement.

  • Their schedule doesn’t work to studio times.

  • They are still a bit nervous about sharing the studio with others.

  • They want to learn:

    • how to practice yoga with or after an injury or illness,

    • how to resolve pain in their body, and find ways to de-stress and calm the mind.

  • They want highly customised yoga designed for their body, mind and soul's state right at this time.


Our Private Yoga sessions are designed after finding out more from you about your current levels of fitness, health and wellbeing and your wellbeing goals. This makes them highly individual and effective.

We specialise in slower yoga styles and yoga for health conditions.


Our students make changes, transform and feel better after the first couple of sessions.

Wellbeing Yoga & Meditation work best for your body and nervous system when practiced regularly. 

Private lessons and membership options are available and start as low as £60/hour. Classes are held in our lovely studio in Cookham. 



"This was SO lovely! I enjoyed it so much, I feel incredible."


"For the first time in months I slept without being woken by pain, thank you!"


Private Yoga Intro Offer*

2 Private Wellbeing Yoga Sessions

*New Private Students only.

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