Private Yoga

You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week. Our sessions are more than just a work out or a stretch. Yoga is for your mind, heart and soul as much as it is for your physical body.


Learning and practicing yoga that is right for YOUR body is key to helping you get the most benefit out of your practice.

Our private clients love how we are able to tailor the practice to be exactly what they need each moment - each practice is a unique experience designed just for them.

They do yoga with us, because:


  • They are completely new to yoga or want to get back to movement.

  • Their schedule doesn’t work to studio times.

  • They like time away from others.

  • They want to practice yoga with or after an injury or illness, resolve pain in their body, and find ways to de-stress and calm the mind.

  • They want highly customised yoga experience.






Our current private clients are all females in senior positions, several of them in Fortune 100 businesses. They manage big budgets, big teams, big projects, have a lot of responsibility and truly impressive careers that they love. They also all have families and households they manage. 


Coming to Unwind is their mindful break from all of the above, their time for self-care so they can keep excelling at what they do every day. A conscious decision to put the breaks on for a little while each week - and the results are tangible for them: a less achey body or creaky joints, more awareness of where and when they hold tension and how to release it, a calmer mind, even better focus and good sleep to name a few. 



"I love everything about it! I feel incredible. I just bought a 6 month private membership!"


"For the first time in months I slept without being woken by hip pain, thank you!"

"I've witnessed a deeper connection with my body, increased flexibility, and a better mood as a result." Theresa

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