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➡️ Self-care is a bunch of hippy nonsense! ⬅️

Are you one of those people that rolls their eyes at the whole idea of meditation, mindfulness, chants (ooh chants!), lovely oils, candles, nature walks? What about slowing down, indulging in doing nothing? Are you cringing yet 😆

If this IS you, you may be dealing with something called LIMITING BELIEFS.

They are sub-conscious thoughts creeping into your head and telling you something that is ultimately not true.

Before we can even start with building resilience through self-care tools such as meditation, we need to really get the limiting beliefs under control.

Want to get started? Try this:

Step 1: Write down your limiting belief, ie: "Meditation is for people who have too much time."

Literally, be bold - no one but you will see this.

Step 2: Acknowledge that this is a belief, not truth: "The belief that meditation is for people that have too much time is not true!" This is a hard one to tackle, because you may tell yourself "but, but...this IS true...I don't have time for meditation..hence..it's true!?" If you are defending the belief, you are less likely to change it. Really try and change your view on the limiting belief you wrote down in Step 1.

Step 3: Now try to write down a belief that is more aligned with you want, such as:"When I have taken time for stillness in the past, I felt really good afterwards. My head was free."

Step into this belief (have it on a post-it note and stick it somewhere visible, or as a screensaver on your phone), live it, breathe it, say it, BE IT & see how it feels.

Step 4: Act as if the new belief from Step 3 is THE TRUTH. Think this: "If I am really the kind of person that beliefs in the power of meditation, what would I do to bring meditation into my life?"

Start with just one limiting belief, and build on that. Your first step doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to take it.

And be sure to acknowledge yourself when you’ve taken that step 💛

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