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A Studio For All Five Senses (And Why It Matters)

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Our commitment to a calm practice involves designing Unwind Yoga Studio as a studio for all the senses, particularly those that we use to perceive the outside world. As they tend to be on high alert, we want to enable those senses to recede gently, to leave the "seek danger & survive" mode. Putting our minds into a quiet, yet attentive state will help for the effects of our yoga practice to arrive faster, for our bodies and minds to move deeper.

Seeing - We are primarily sight-oriented and visual influence will play a big role. Unwind Yoga Studio's vision is for our eyes to find rest through the simplicity of the interior design.

Sound - Sound is all around us all the time. At the studio we want to ensure that the sounds we experience here are relaxing, evoking stillness and serenity.

Scent - Scent can activate the brain more than any of the other senses, which is why aromatherapy is so powerful and will play a role in the studio to aid relaxation, rejuvenation and help those on a transformational journey. 

Touch - A powerful sense, one humans cannot live without. This is a two-fold vision for us - our teachers will offer hands-on corrections of asanas (postures) and sometimes use oils on your temples or forehead to aid your break from stressors. Secondly, the studio will be equipped with materials that are earth-friendly and natural as far as possible, so most things you touch in the studio will enable you to get a sense of freedom from skin-harming, man-made fibres (instead think buttery soft bamboo and organic cotton, natural jute, wood, non-toxic paints etc). There are also always hugs to be had for those in need of one!

Taste - For the taste component expect to be indulged with an assortment of teas and infused water, all included in your class price. 

When you enter the studio, we want you to feel a holistic sense of relief - come and experience what we mean!

(Unwind Yoga Studio is located in Cookham, Maidenhead, in Berkshire)


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