Meditation at Unwind Yoga Studio

'The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.’

(Michel de Montaigne)

Never is this truer in our current, fast-paced society.

With so many demands on our time and minds, it takes conscious effort to take a moment and allow yourself the time you need to explore who you truly are. Even when you do make time, you are stuck on how to actually do this. The practice of meditation has certainly been recognised time and time again as the solution to this problem.

We should not undervalue how important even a short and simple engagement in meditation practice can be, especially within our current, hectic daily lives.

At Unwind, we now offer regular meditation sessions, suitable for all from beginner to advanced students, who need a space to just be. 

Our guided meditation sessions will help you relax, reset and recharge, nurture the best in you, promote an increased sense of wellbeing, inner peace and clarity of mind.

No previous experience is required to benefit from these classes. Everyone is welcome to join at any point. We will explain how to find a correct meditation posture and what to concentrate your mind on. 

Meditation from £9/class.

Any questions? Give us a call on 07518 938148