HELLO 2021!


From 04.01.2021

Leave 2020 behind and create the foundations for a 

happy and healthy 2021!

Here is what you are going to get:







Forming Healthy Habits

  • 3 x per week Yoga Classes (online or in-studio)

  • 1 Pranayama (Breathwork) Workshop*

  • 1 Meditation Workshop*

  • 2 x Massages**

  • 1 x Nutritional Advice session PLUS a plant-based recipe booklet

  • 1 x Sleep Advice session*

  • 1 x session on how to weave all of the above and more great wellbeing habits into your daily life!

  • Fantastic discount for studio members***

  • Private Facebook group with free wellbeing yoga, meditation & support

*suitable for beginners, group sessions

**subject to change, depending on COVID restrictions

***up to 15% discount


  • You are fed up with how we are going through life right now.

  • You are exhausted and tired, mentally drained, physically in pain, spiritually empty - or all of these!

  • You have a strong feeling that SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE.

  • You are open to learning new ways of moving and breathing.

  • You are ready to develop a new relationship with your body and mind, one of respect and wisdom.


Our programmes get AMAZING feedback:

"Very worthwhile programme, fun, informative, great connections, transformational - I cannot wait for the next one!" 

"Another very worthwhile day at Unwind, informative and Rosanna helped me make sense of how I am feeling. The yoga with Sandra has left me relaxed and de-stressed. Can't wait for more!"

"Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful."

Here is how it works:

The programme starts officially on 04.01.2021 and runs for 6 weeks, ending on 14.02.2021


Information on dates and more details for the sessions will follow as soon as they have been finalised.

***More information to follow soon.***

Want to know more?

Discover how the 8 habits that form part of the January transformation can reset your wellbeing with our guide. Download now!

8 Wellbeing Habits Unwind Yoga Studio Maidenhead

Why are we offering this programme?

I recently wrote a blog about how yoga has been transformational in my life and how it impacted on all 8 dimensions of my wellbeing holistically (read blog here).


We need to see us as an integrated whole, not as something that's made of parts that we treat separately when they stop working properly.

The January Transformation is a chance for you to balance looking after your physical body, your mind and your soul.


Recognising that life has been extremely stressful for most of us during 2020, wellbeing habits need to be reset or established - and this 6 week transformation will help you with this!

Why is this important? 

Health, in body and mind, is the outcome of the choices you make today. Learning to make good choices, how to form good wellbeing habits, restore your balance will help you set a foundation for a healthy 2021, with joy and resolve!


"Find ways of being well in an increasingly unwell world."

Frank Lipman

It will be a pleasure and honour to help you come out of these crazy and uncertain times, and help you to reset yourself for a happy, healthy and successful 2021!

Sandra & The Unwind Team

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