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Meditation for Beginners

Ready to learn how to find calm, how to be more focused and less stressed?

Developing a meditation practice takes, well practice. Like physical fitness, to get lasting results and see the benefits, you need to stick with it. It becomes easier, and for many of us, a practice we crave as much as we crave a daily shower.


This Meditation for Beginners course is designed to introduce you to the principles of Zen Meditation and some of the techniques. It also helps you make the practice a habit that you will come to love!

Course Details

Duration: 10 weeks

Time: Mondays 8-9:30pm

Start Date: 4th January 2020

Location: Online via Zoom

Each session is a delicious mix of teaching, a meditation session and questions and answers.

PLUS: Access to guided meditation recordings, class presentations and catch-up videos are all provided in the cost of just £180 for the entire 10 week course. There's nothing else to pay!

This course is a proud collaboration between Unwind Yoga Studio and ZenYo.

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